Sberbank leasing

Joint-stock company Sberbank Leasing is one of the largest Russian leasing companies. The company ranks second in the country leading leasing companies list according to RA Expert. The regional network of JSC "Sberbank Leasing" amounts more than 40 branches in the largest Russian cities and subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Along with the implementation of standard leasing of vehicles, building and special equipment, liquid equipment Sberbank Leasing finances major complex leasing projects in all industries.

L'Etoile (Alcor and Co)

L'Etoile chain stores are leaders in the perfumery and cosmetics market: more than 900 stores in Russia and Ukraine, more than 8000 consultants and 2000 cashiers, about 20 million registered customers.

L'Etoileoffers tens of thousands of  perfumeand cosmetics names, more than 150 Brands, among which there are Christian Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Kenzo, Clarins and many others.
Moneycare is a credit broker independent of banks and affiliated with none of them. It deals with more than ten banks, including Alfa Bank, OTP Bank, Post Bank, Renaissance Credit, Russian Standard, Tinkoff Bank and others. Moneycare disburses loans in 2,900 retail outlets. The loans are registered by 8,000 operators.
Interenergo LLC is a dynamically developing innovative engineering company with successful 14-year experience proven and a unique professional team. The company has its own powerful engineering and design center and deep knowledge and experience in designing, "turnkey" supplying and building and installation works, provided to small and large-scale power engineering. The company manages the pipeline production plant "TMM-Energobud". This is one of the most modern (launched in 2010) and innovative enterprises of that type in the CIS.
IZOVOL company offers an optimal solution to the problem of heat, sound and fire insulation in construction products and systems applied in new building and reconstruction of buildings and structures for various purposes. The enterprise is located in Russia. IZOVOL products are used in the construction of large infrastructure objects such as hypermarkets LeroyMerlen, MEGA, METRO, IKEA, skyscrapers of the Business Center "Moscow City".
Kurs Group Distribution (KGD)
Kurs GroupDistributionCompany is the largest Russian perfume and cosmeticsimporter and distributor. The assortment of the company covers almost all manufacturers represented on the Russian market.
"Wellbes" company entered the construction and installation work market in 2005. Its main activities are installation and design of heating, water supply and sewerage systems, as well as shore and water area landscaping. Since 2007"Wellbes" has been an authorized installation company of Rehau company in Russia.
"Kalinka-Malinka" is a progressive online store of women's Italian shoes and leather bags of the best Italian and other European manufacturers. The company has been existing on the market since 2009 and during this time has earned thousands of loyal customers throughout the CIS. The store assortment amounts over 4000 items.
Red city
Main "Red City" activity field is building materials retail selling. In 2012 the company launched its online store. It presents heaters, films, metal profiles, boilers, radiators, boilers, water purification systems, pipes and many other items. The assortment covers more than 50 building materials and equipment suppliers.
Moi deti
Moideti is an enthusiastic group`s social project devoted to children's upbringing and development. Articles for the website are compiled by the best children's psychologists, teachers, pediatricians and speech therapists. The team consists of representatives of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The project purpose is to provide parents with a convenient tool for daily child development and education.
Founded in the 1930s, PAROC is one of the world's leading stone wool heat and sound insulation manufacturers. The main office is situated in Finland, the plants are established in 4 other countries, the offices - in 14 countries. PAROC products include building insulation, technical and shipbuilding insulation, acoustic products and sandwich panels. The company constantly develops and introduces innovative products, from energy-saving designs to eco-houses, which reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
SBI «Mosvetstation»
At the moment, "Mosvetstation" is the only Moscow institution in carrying out stationary quarantine of animals with suspicion of rabies and biting people. The clinic provides people with paid medical preventive, clinico-diagnostic, surgical, obstetric-gynecological, therapeutic services, deworming, immunization, disinsection, deratisation and disinfection.