Moneycare is a bank-independent credit broker. 

The company asked our team to implement the WebTutor system. But when we looked at its internal user interface, we jointly decided to modify the task: at that time it would be premature to implement WebTutor. User-friendly interface development turn out more pressing issue, as the previous one took a lot of time to service the client.

Moneycare works in the b2b market and helps to select credit programs for b2c companies, for example, home appliances stores, etc. In general terms the working schemewas the following: the seller launches the website and forms a loan applicationin the personal Moneycareaccount. If everything is correct there, then the client is quickly approved in automatic mode, and the loan is formalized. Moneycare, in turn, deals with 5-10 banks (the system with them is automatically integrated) and has a percentage of this transaction.

When we joined the company, we met the challenge of training all operators filling out loan applications by implementing WebTutor. But we saw that the interface is old and unconvenient, and it's simply inadvisable to use. Therefore, for the beginning it was decided to develop a new interface. And it has been just recently tested and launched.

Now Moneycare is engaged in programming. And we plan to implement WebTutor already on the basis of the new system.