1С (1С:Enterprise) is a technological platform, designed to automate enterprise business processes. A huge number of configurations, that is, specific application solutions for certain businessareas has been developed for 1C:Enterprise platform.

The solution suppliers, including 1C, transfer their configurations to each new 1C: Enterprise platform versions, finalizing and improving them. However, configuration names and their functionality may differ significantly from version to version.

The platform flexibility allows to use 1C: Enterprise 8 in a wide variety of fields:

  • automation of production and trade enterprises, budget and financial organizations, service enterprises, etc.
  • enterprise operationalmanagement support;
  • organizational and economic activity automation;
  • accounting with several account plans and arbitrary accounting measurements, regulated reporting;
  • extensive opportunities for management accounting, analytical reporting, multicurrency accounting;
  • planning, budgeting and financial analysis problem solution;
  • payroll accounting and staff management;
  • otherapplication areas.

Basic configurations on the 1C platform: Enterprise 8:

  • 1C: Accounting is intended to account for the company. It allows to keep records in one database at once on several organizations.
  • 1C: Trade Management is intended for trade and warehouse accounting. Allows to plan sales and purchases.
  • 1C: Salary and personnel management  is designed for personnel and payroll accounting at the enterprise.
  • 1C: Production Enterprise Management is designed to account and monitor a manufacturing enterprise.

As a rule, 1C: Enterprise is used on Windows, but meets Linux OS too. The program has a built-in ability to integrate with office products Excel, Outlook, etc. Various DBMS such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or PostgreSQLcan be usedfor data access. The system can work with the use of cloud technologies also, which is profitable, easy and convenient to use, saves hardware resources and reduces maintenance expenses, etc. 1C firm developed 1cFresh technology for  cloud service creation providing users with Internet access to application solutions for platform 1C: Enterprise 8.

1C has its own programming environment and is freely modifiable. Its own programming language is most similar to Visual Basic in syntax. Using the development tools, make changes both to the existing system configurationand develop "from scratch" a new functionality based on 1C: Enterpriseplatform, adapting the system to any organization needs.

"Teaching Technologies" company offers a full range of setting, completion and implementation, as well as support for any solutions on 1C: Enterprise platform in your organization.

More information about 1C: Enterprisecan be read on 1C official website.