1С-Bitrix is software products for web project management assurance and arrangement: websites, corporate portals, online stores, social networks, etc.

At the moment, 1C-Bitrix is ​​the N 1 platform for Internet projects in Russia.

The company issues the following products:

  1. 1C-Bitrix: Website management is a universal platform for creation and management of websites of any degree of complexity. The system provides numerous and easy-to-use tools for website content monitoring from website structure and user rights to statistics analysis and advertising campaign effectiveness evaluation. The program uses server's file system, as well as database of MySql, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle to store website data. It supports work on servers running by Windows, Linux or other Unix-systems. The system consists of more than 50 modules, the number of which depends on the purchased program version. Each module is responsible for certain functionality, for example, for "Forum" or "Warehouse Accounting". The system offers a simple and intuitive user interface, high level hacking website security and performance, automatic reservation (including in cloud storage), is integrated with 1C: Enterprise and also supports mobile technologies (mobile applications and mobile website administration) .
  2. 1C-Bitrix: Corporate portal is a universal platform for intracorporate information resource creation and management. It allows to organize in the company an environment for collective of employees` work on tasks and documents, as well as for efficient internal and external communications, to plan tasks and take into account working hours, to organize a CRM database and manage personnel, to automate workflow and other business processes. The product features integration with Microsoft Office, corporate mail, 1C: Salary and personnel management, Active Directoty, etc. 
  3. Bitrix-24 is a platform for creation and management of an internal corporate portal of a large enterprise, including with a territorially-distributed structure. It provides a wide range of functionality and integration, incredible flexibility and scalability. The service functionality is similar in many respects to 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal, but its distinctive feature is that Bitrix-24 allows to unfoldorganisationcorporate portal in the "cloud" in a matter of minutes, so you don`t need to think about the hardware.
  4. 1C-Bitrix: Mobile application is a platform for rapid development of mobile applications for iOS and Android for websites running on 1C-Bitrix.

The 1C-Bitrix platform allows to develop websites and their mobile applications of any complexity and design.

We offer a full range of services for installation, setting, completion and implementation, as well as support of any solutions based on 1C-Bitrix platform in your organization. 

More information about the products can be found on 1C-Bitrix official website.