E-Staff (E-Staff Рекрутер) – software product for search and staff recruitment. Its functional capabilities are adapted both for the company personnel services, and for recruitment agencies. E-Staff make it possible to automate a large number of routine recruiting operations.

System functional capabilities include:

- Staff structure storage (for company personnel services).
- Possible automatic synchronization of the staff structure with the internal personnel accounting system (1C, BOSS-Kadrovik, SAP, etc.) or WebSoftcorporate portal
- Client accounting (for employment agencies), as well as arbitrary counterparty (supplier) accounting
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Recruitment cost analysis
- Vacancy and staff selection application accounting
- Possible applying for a vacancy by a manager through the corporate portalAutomatic job advertisement publication on the Internet:
  • adsplacement on the leading websites in one operation (the list includes about 30 websites).
  • retention period monitoring on each of the websites.
  • expired ads repeatedplacement.
  • automaticwebsite feedback collection.
  • search for candidates on the Internet.
  • searchthrough multiple websites for a single request.
  • possible transfer of the found CVs to the company internal base.
  • monitoring of candidates found repeatedly, or for whom the work has already being carried out.
  • import of the candidates` CVs from mailboxes and Microsoft Word or

Open Office documents

- key information automatic recognition in CV (full name, date of birth, address, telephone, e-mail, salary level);

- manual and automatic import modes;

- import of candidates` CVs in one click using an embedded button in a Web browser

- key information automatic recognition in CV

- bringing of CV to a convenient form;

- workwithcandidates;

- development;

- interview.

  • Candidate status tracking in customers` profiles (department head).
  • Candidate presence time tracking in each of the statuses.
  • Hiringorrejecting.
  • Passingthetrialperiod.
  • Ability to integrate with Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Full candidate database keeping, that have ever contacted you.
  • Customizable access for the customer (manager/head) to look through candidates reached a certain selection stage via corporate portal.
  • Approval / rejection of the candidate by the manager/head.
  • Evaluation of the candidate by the manager/head (group of managers) on customizable evaluation forms.
  • Ability to assign candidates testing through an external testing system.
  • Automatic assignment of a given test set to the candidate.
  • Test passing status tracking.
  • Automatic test result loading into E-Staff.
  • Full work history storing for each candidate, vacancy and customer:
  • interview.
- telephonecontacts.
- changes in the candidate`s status.
- recommendation check, etc.
- CV and sample message sending on customizable templates.
- Any data search in the database as by formal criteria as by arbitrary words.
- Ability for multiple users work on the network.
- Accessrightdifferentiation.
- Acquisition of information about each recruiter`s work.
- Acquisition of statistics both on the whole company and on each recruiter.
- Analytics on selection process effectiveness ("selection funnel").
- Analytics on the vacancy closing timing.
- Analytics on the effectiveness of candidate enrollment and job closing sources.
- Ability to set standard reports and create your own.
- Database development with additional fields and directories used in the company.
- Integration with other software systems.

  1. Personnel accounting systems (Boss-Kadrovik, 1S, SAP, etc.).
  2. Corporate portal WebSoft.
  3. Staff testing and evaluatiion systems (WebTutor, TalentQ, OnTarget).
  4. Gateways for sending SMS
  5. Call center Naumen

E-Staff is based on Windows, and has been already integrated with Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Outlook and OpenOffice productsby default. It has the ability to integrate with other software products: 1C, SAP, Axapta, Web-Tutor, Boss-HR, etc. It has its own file database and does not require expenses for separate databasepurschase.

The system standard functionality can be supplemented and expanded with tools built in the program.

We can install, set, modify and implement the E-Staff system in your company. We also provide support services for already implemented solutions of this system.

More information about the E-Staff system can be found on the manufacturer`s official website e-staff.ru.