We use our own methodology of project management - a modified and simplified Microsoft Sure Step version. It has repeatedly proved its effeciency in practice, providing full control over the improvement implementation in terms of both project budget, and result quality.

In general, the work scheme looks like this:


We develop and agree with the customer the overall project plan. Each stage is detailed more as far as the previous plan stages are completed throughout the project. The plan helps to monitor continuously terms and budget.

The project plan provides control points, which, as a rule, correspond to project phase end. At the end of each phase, the documents developed in this phase are agreed with the client. Usually parts of the final document are agreed as far as they become available throughout the phase in order to simplify the coordination procedure for the voluminous final documents of the project phases. Final approval of them occurs after the end of the phase.

As a result of the project, the client receives his unique software product and its necessary documentation set.

The methodology is flexible enough: it can be adapted to any unique requirements or simplified for implementation in small projects.

We differ in an individual approach to every client and a willingness to make any non-standard projects happen. Feel free to contact us - and we will prepare an individual commercial offer for you, taking into account all your requirements.