Microsoft Dynamics Ax (Axapta) – a solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) from the largest software manufacturer - Microsoft.

The software complex has the widest means and capabilities to automate any-scaled organization business processes. Axapta has existed for more than 15 years and takes into account all existing experience of projects that automate companies from different business sectors around the world. Microsoft Dynamics Ax adapts to regional features, including Russia, in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.

The system consists functionally of interconnected modules. Herewith, all modules are delivered single-installed. The modular structure allows companies to choose and buy only the functionality that is really required to automate their business. In this case, there is no need to overpay for unused modules. If necessary, buy other modules at any time, and then start using them in the same system installation. The solution functional capabilities are very wide: from purchases and supply chains to staff management, finance and accounting. 

Microsoft Dynamics Ax operates under Windows OS, and also has built-in capability of integration with other Microsoft products (Excel, Outlook, etc.) The system uses Microsoft SQL Serverto access data, which allows to achieve maximum performance, and has the ability to deploy a built-in corporate enterprise portal using SharePoint technology.

The solution has its own programming environment and is freely modifiable. The object-oriented programming language X ++ is used for development, which resembles C ++ and T-SQL compound. Make changes to the system standard functionality using the development tools and develop a new functionality"from scratch", based on Axapta, adapting the system to any enterprise needs.

We propose a full range of services for installation, setting, completion, implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics Ax solutions already implemented in your organization.

More information about Microsoft Dynamics Ax and other products of the Microsoft Business Solutions can be read on the official Microsoft website.