WebTutor –business process complex automation systemin the following areas:
  1. Organization staff: selection, evaluation, testing and training.
  2. Knowledge base: knowledge systematization and storage.
  3. Internal communication: arrangement of corporate communication and interaction between employees and HR-department.
The system is featured by a modular approach: flexibly configurable systems can be vevelopedon the basis of a program modules set. The functionality, accordingly, depends on the customer`s tasks.

The system implementation resulted in that the customer received the portal that could be deployed both in the enterprise internal network and on the Internet. The system functionality access rights are demarcated and setaccording to the user's privileges. By default, the system already provides a standard design, but it can be changed. A usual browser is used for access.

 The portal can be a base for:
Examples of the services available on the portal:
It should be noted that all WebTutor modules are supplied in a complex installation and integrated with each other. Each module is licensed separately - this allows to choose and buy the functionality needed only to you.

The system can be integrated with your main IT infrastructure elements - personnel accounting system, EPR system, user accounting systems, corporate mail system, etc.

We provide a full range of services for, setup, finalization and implementation in your organization. We also support the already implemented and used solutions based on WebTutor.

Read more details about WebTutor system on our partner`s official website.